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Compile Code into Assemblies

To service user request thru application code, it need to be compiled to one or more assemblies.

Assembly files have extension .dll. We can write ASP.net code in many languages like C#, VB.net, J# & others but when compiled, but when compiled, it will be translated into language-independent or CPU-independent language i.e. MS Intermediate Language(MSIL). At run-time in the context of .Net framework, the MSIL gets translated into CPU-specific instructions.

 Benefits of compiling the application code to Assemblies:

Performance:- Compiled code is much faster then scripting language because it’s representation is closer to machine code & doesn’t require additional parsing.

Security:- Compiled code is difficult to the reverse engineer as it lacks the readability & high level of abstraction.

Stability:- Code is checked at compile time for syntax error, type safety, & other problems. By caching these errors at build-time we can eliminate many errors in our code.

Inter-operability:- As MSIL code support all .Net languages so if you are writing an ASP.Net web page in C# then you can use reference of assemblies written in VB.net too.

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