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What Riders in Health Plan?

Riders in Health Plan

When you apply for health insurance, you’ll answer a long series of questions about your medical history. If you have a current medical condition, your plan will include a rider that limits your coverage for care related to that condition. Usually, that limitation will be in effect for a year.
Here’s an example: let’s say you have a back injury when you apply for coverage. The insurance company will likely accept your application — but they also might include a rider on your plan that limits your coverage for treatment related to your back injury. This limitation, or exclusion period, will probably be in effect for a year. After the exclusion period, any medical services related to your back injury will be covered normally under the terms of the plan.

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Abstract Class Interface
1. It is mainly used in versioning scenarios (defining core functionalities). Interface is used as contract mainly.
2. We can use abstract as well non-abstract method. All methods are abstract only. Interface is pure abstract class.
3. We can inherit only one abstract class at a time. We can implement multiple interface.
4. All access modifier can be used. We can have only public access modifier for the methods.

à We can not create object of abstract class, though abstract can have constructors.

àWe can create instance of abstract class like:

AbstractClass obj = new SubClass();


TextWriter abstract class have two sub classes i.e. StreamWriter & StringWriter

TextWriter tObj = new StreamWriter();

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