Nullable Type

Nullable types are instances of the System.Nullable struct.

Variables are of two types.

Value type eg. int, char, date. A data type is a value type if it holds the data within its own memory allocation.
Reference type eg. string, object. A reference type contains a pointer to another memory location that holds the data.
 For more details on Value types and Reference type of variable, please read

Reference types variable can be assigned null but value types of variables like integer can’t because they can’t contain reference, even the reference of nothing.

int i = 0;
The above statement shall throw error because we are trying to store null in the integer variable.

To avoid this we can use nullable modifier like this.

int? ii = null;
In the above code, ii is the nullable type of variable that can store either null or any integer type of variable. When a variable is declared as nullable, its extends two properties called HasValue and Value. Both property are public and read-only.

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